Wicked-fast, mobile-first Bootstrap 4 theme framework for building awesome WordPress websites.

The Bootplate Framework

The Bootplate Theme Framework empowers novices and professional developers alike to quickly and easily build awesome WordPress-powered responsive websites.  Bootplate provides a secure, performance optimized, and automatically updated foundation so your WordPress sites stay as awesome and fast-loading as the day they were launched.

In this site (the one you’re on now), we’ve combined a live preview of the default Bootplate design with up-to-date online documentation.

Oh, did we mention Bootplate is free?  Thank the web design nerds over at JDM Digital for that.



From minimal dependencies and optimized libraries, to asynchronous loading CSS, Bootplate is, perhaps, the fastest free WordPress theme framework available.

Speed Tests

Layout Options

Choose from about a dozen pre-made page templates to help build your site faster, including a full-height page, dual sidebars, hero background images, and more.

Template Examples

Theme Options

Theme options get you up and running with just a few clicks, and the Theme Customizer allows you to make settings tweaks with a real time preview.

Theme Customizer

Child Themes

Bootplate supports child themes to free you to design and build your new website to look however you want while the underlying code base automatically stays up-to-date.

Example Themes

Extend via Plugins

Build on Bootplate’s secure foundation and extend it using plugins–many of which are pre-integrated.  Just activate the plugin you know and love. Bootplate will detect and use it.



For performance reasons (and because we couldn’t help ourselves), Bootplate includes a few snazzy components to take your web design places you didn’t know it could go.

View Components


Built for mobile devices (first) and scaled UP to tablets and desktops, you’re website will look and work great on any device, anywhere.

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Bootplate comes with a variety of performance optimization settings to ensure your website loads as wicked-fast as possible.

Performance Settings

Well Documented

Great technology demands even better documentation.  You’ll find step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and examples in our documentation pages.

Get Started Manual

The Vision

Building even totally custom WordPress themes contains a lot of repetition. There are certain templates files you just end up re-creating again and again. Worse, you end up using a lot of functions that make the theme play well with WordPress, popular WordPress plugin classes, as well as different versions of Bootstrap.  Worse still, once you’ve actually built that custom site, you have to maintain support for a community of one forever.

Our vision for Bootplate is pretty simple. Here goes.

Use Best Practices


  • Add CSS Fallbacks for Bootstrap 3.3.6
  • Mobile-first, and Wicked-fast
  • No Branding (at least not ours)
  • Pre-integrate Popular Plugins
  • Maintain Free and Open-source Core

That’s the vision anyway.

Starter Child Themes

With Bootplate as their framework, here are a few starter child themes we’ve done to inspire you with how far you can take it.  Preview them. Download them.  Abuse them.  They can take it.





Support the Project

Bootplate is a free and open-source project produced (with love) by @jdmdigital.  If you’d like to help support it, we’d love to have you submit an issue or contribute to the project on GitHub.  You could also buy the team at JDM Digital a beer (and keep Bootplate free).  Or enable a little “Theme Credit” in the footer of your site (it’s off by default).

If none of that sounds interesting, we’re pretty much out of ideas.